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Come "Crash" with us for the UFO Fest! This is the 75th anniversary of  the "Roswell Incident"

Planet and Moon

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June 20th - July 11th please plan ahead, we are typically booked solid these weeks for people coming and going for the UFO Fest. 

Cancellation Deadline is MAY 15TH for the UFO FEST. 

 If you have reservations for any day between June 29th - July 4th your reservation cannot be cancelled. We have held your site for you and turned others away that could have come to experience the UFO Fest. Please plan your trip accordingly. 

You provided a credit card to us at the time of booking your site for the festival, giving us authorization to run your card for the duration of your booking. 

July 1st - July 3rd the town comes to life with quirky and fun festivities all Alien/UFO related. 

Was it aliens, a weather balloon, or a space ship?  All we truly know is that a "Unidentified Flying Object" crashed Northwest of Roswell in 1947.  It doesn't matter if you are a believer or non-believer , Roswell has something for everyone!

The 2022 UFO Fest is open to worldwide guests and possible guests from out of this world! 

This years festival features immersive experiences, food and beverages from local eateries, and live music. The festival is family friendly and  pretty friendly to your four legged babies as well! 

For More Information about the festival please follow this link:





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